WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Tries on Wedding Dress in ‘I Am Cait’ Trailer

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She’s back, y’all!

Caitlyn Jenner is on a whole new adventure in the new trailer for the second season of her E! series, I Am Cait. In the teaser, Jenner does everything from trying on wedding gowns to meeting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She also touches base more controversial moments of her life since her transition, including picketers protesting her outside of a press appearance and her infamous comments about trying to not look like a “man in a dress.”

“There’s just too much at stake to get it wrong,” she says in the clip.

The 66-year-old Olympian has also announced that she’ll be the new face of MAC cosmetics in hope of helping the trans community. The makeup brand says 100 percent of the sales from her signature shade, Finally Free, will benefit the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative to expand its support of much needed grants to organizations and programs dedicated to improving transgender lives.

“Honestly, my ultimate fantasy — I never thought in a million years that it would ever happen — was to get involved with a makeup company. When you’re going through all of this, that’s just like never going to happen, but wouldn’t it be something to be involved in a project like that? Boy, watch out what you wish for, because it came true,” she tells the company. “I wanted a lipstick that would be universal, suited to more people, and was an everyday lipstick, not just a high-glam, once-in-a-while kind of lipstick. I like a little color on my lips, not a lot during the day. And this rosy nude is the color I’ve gone to.”

She adds, “To be honest, I want people to use it every day so they have to buy more. I want to raise a lot of money. It’s very simple.”

I Am Cait returns on E! March 6. Jenner’s MAC lipstick will be made exclusively on MAC’s website April 7.