Daisy Ridley in Recording Studio With Barbra Streisand Over Oscar Weekend

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What Can't She Do?
Daisy Ridley is recording a song with a ‘massive superstar.’

The identity of the “massive superstar” with whom Daisy Ridley is recording a song has been revealed.

Ridley posted a picture of herself with Barbra Streisand in a recording studio with the 23-year-old actress wearing a huge smile on her face.

Earlier in the weekend, the British star of Star Wars posted several Oscar-related pictures to her Instagram.

However, it’s this photo that finally solved the riddle of who Ridley was working with in the recording studio.

Streisand recently topped the Billboard 200 charts with her duets album, Partners, including songs she recorded with singers like Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé and Babyface.