WATCH: Jason Bateman Talks About That Time He Passed Out (Naked) at a Spa

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Oh, man. Jason Bateman wins all the awards for weirdest facial and spa experience ever.

The Arrested Development actor, who was on the show to talk about his new animated movie Zootopia, recounted a hilarious story to Jimmy Kimmel last night (March 3) about the time his wife Amanda Anka bought him a spa facial for his birthday, because “maintenance.”

The self-proclaimed “guys-guy” went along with it just to appease her, and almost ended up at the hospital as a result.

He started off by saying, “I walk in and the gal says, ‘you’re gonna wanna go ahead and take your clothes off, put this robe on and meet me in the back room where the hot tub is’.”

Not knowing what’s coming next, he goes with the flow and reaches a boiling hot tub where he’s told to sit for 20 minutes.

“The tub looks like a pot you’d put seafood in. It’s bubbling and it’s hot,” he describes.

He explains how he’s shy being in the buff around the spa girl (“I’ve been married 15 years…”) so he tries to get in as quickly as possible.

But then, after the boiling tub portion, he gets scrubbed down and hit with cold water. “Everything’s wrong.”

And that’s when the spots and nausea hits in. “I’ve lost a great deal of water. She’s boiled me like a clam.”

He never did get the facial that day.

Watch his hilarious anecdote, and find out what happened and how he ended up with seven paramedics around him in the video above!