Drop Everything: You Can Now Buy Titus Andromedon’s Peeno Noir Wine

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CREDIT: Netflix

Mid-sized car not included.

You look like you could use a drink and probably lip fillers, but the latter is out of Titus Andromedon‘s hands. He can, however, help you sip in style with his brand new line of Pinot Noir wines inspired by the operatic phenomenon from the Netflix series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

CREDIT: Pinot by Tituss

Tituss Burgess, the actor who portrays Andromenon, announced the launch of his signature wine on his Instagram account on Thursday, Mar. 3.

You can purchase bottles or cases of Pinot by Tituss on the wine’s website, here. Single bottles are $25 each, while orders of 3 or 6 bottles are discounted. Orders begin shipping on March 14, and will be available for purchase in 34 states.

Sip in in the boudoir, listen to Tom Beren-gar, post about it on Facebook and find out who your real friends are. We’ll be sipping on it on an upcoming episode of our new boozy podcast, that’s for shar.