WATCH: Angela Bassett Gives a Riveting Impromptu ‘Macbeth’ Monologue

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Angela Bassett Performs A Monologue From Macbeth

We asked Angela Bassett if there's a monologue from her career that she remembers and if she could deliver it. What she gave us was nothing short of pure #BlackGirlMagic. You will get your whole life from this monologue.

Posted by on Friday, March 4, 2016

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During an interview with, Angela Bassett was asked to give a snippet from a monologue she remembered and boy, did she deliver.

The American Horror Story star was being interviewed by Danielle Young, who asked Bassett, “What is a monologue you remember from your movie roles and could you still remember? And could you give us a few lines?”

Without missing a beat, Bassett launched into a monologue from MacBeth with the gravity and commitment of a live theater production.

Gesturing with her perfectly-toned arms, Angela wrapped up the impressive display by leaning back in her chair and saying, “And then on and on and on…”