Paula Patton Declares She Wants to Give Love ‘Another Chance’ After Robin Thicke

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Paula Patton Said She's Ready to Give Love Another Shot After Robin Thicke
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Paula Patton is ready to love again!

In promotion for her new movie The Perfect Match, Patton decided to take to Facebook to get real with her fans. In an intimate clip, the actress chatted about her optimism concerning her love life and her future.

“You need to know that it’s worth it. At the end of the day, having a partner in crime for life is so amazing and special when it’s real and genuine, that it’s worth taking the risk,” she said. “And you are going to get hurt, trust me, I know! I’ve been hurt a couple times—maybe more than a couple times. But you gotta pick yourself back up, and give it another chance. I know I’m going to!”

As you may know, her ex-husband Robin Thicke was notorious for his extramarital activities, which Patton coped with for some time. Thankfully, she pulled the plug about a year ago.

So what does Paula like in a man? Apparently not the whiny types!

“If you pout you’re out. I’m not dealing with a pouty man…I’m not doing that anymore,” she said. 

That sure sounds like jab at Thicke!

Head on over to E! News to see the clip. The Perfect Match is out on March 11, 2016.