John Goodman on Kristen Wiig: ‘I’ll Never Speak to Her Again’

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Even celebrities make mistakes.

John Goodman says he’ll “never speak” to Kristen Wiig after an awkward run-in that left him a bit red in the face. Speaking with Howard Stern on the shock jock’s radio show, the actor reveals the Ghostbusters actress made him feel like he had “shrunk down to atom size” after she brushed him off at a Hollywood event.

“She was talking to somebody else, and I was just — I think she’s so great, and the social barriers broke down and I interrupted the conversation,” he says. “And she goes, ‘Yeah, I’ll talk to you in a minute.’ I shrunk down to atom size.”

However, Goodman admits he was totally in the wrong and understands if Wiig would never want to meet again.

“I really like her, and it was embarrassing, so I’ll never speak to her again,” he adds.

In the same interview, Goodman also confesses to being a little awkward with Matt Damon and George Clooney, both of whom he worked with in 2014’s Monuments Men.

“I tried to hang with them, but Matt and George would always have these conversations, and they’d go out for cocktails afterwards and I don’t really drink,” Goodman, who has been sober since 2007 after a bout of alcoholism, says, “and I don’t bring a lot to that party because they’re super A-level guys.”

Don’t worry, John. You’re an A-level guy in our hearts.