WATCH: Jennifer Garner Describes the Horrifying Process of Putting on Her Oscars 2016 Dress

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The Miracles from Heaven star visited the The Tonight Show to discuss the crazy ordeal she endured to look so incredible on Oscars night.

Apparently Jennifer Garner didn’t just put on dress; this took some crafty, um, adjusting.

“This was Versace, and they made it just for me. Do you know how they make it? See how I have a waist right there? I don’t have one in real life anymore. What they do is they move your organs around. There are basically two men who come in with screwguns, and they screwed me into a metal corset—this isn’t true, but it was a metal corset and it did take two Italian people. The next thing you know, my ribs were compressed,” Garner said.

Jimmy Fallon listened in disbelief as the movie star explained just how insane this process got.

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“It’s very intense. It’s not like Scarlet O’Hara. There’s metal inside and these people just kind of move your ribs and they move your liver out of the side and they pop you in… To keep you in place, you step into a bodysuit first, which is like the bottom of a leotard, but it’s a thong,” she said.

Sound terrible? Well, it got worse…

“We’re sitting there and suddenly my ribs started to like, panic. I had a panic attack in my ribs. They were spasming. I was having a muscle spasm,” she told the late-night host.

Before long, Jennifer had the use the restroom…but we’ll let her explain just how he pulled that Houdini trick off. Check it out!