Coco Doesn’t Want Baby Chanel to Follow in Her Footsteps

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Coco and Baby Chanel
CREDIT: Instagram

“I want her to do something I couldn’t do.”

Coco is sharing her hopes for Baby Chanel in her latest “Post-Pregnancy Blog” for E! and what she’s revealing this time might surprise you. “I hope Chanel grows up to be an amazing person. I want her to be spiritual and lovable and a really good person. I want her to become like a doctor or scientist,” she writes before adding, “I don’t want her to be who mom is.”

Unlike Coco, who made a name for herself modeling in publications like Playboy, she wants Chanel to stay away from modeling. “I’m going to try and push her away from the modeling. It’s going to be hard because I’m probably going to have a camera in her face and she’s going to learn how to model but at the same I don’t want her to focus on that as a career. I want her to do something that I couldn’t do.”