Justin Bieber Has the ‘Feels’ for Selena Gomez Shortly After Drunken Rant

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Guess it’s not too late to say sorry…

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber was drunk and in his feelings, and while we can’t confirm they were at the same time, we can definitely confirm he was thinking about his ex Selena Gomez. On Saturday night, Bieber gave an impromptu performance at 1OAK along with a drunken rant, in which he preached about “real shit.”

“I think people hate on people who are themselves, you know?” he told the crowd, slightly slurring his words. “Maybe I’m drunk or maybe I’m just speaking real shit, but I feel like a lot of the reason why there’s so many people that hate on me is ’cause I’m just myself.”

“You know, you can hate on me for being myself, too, but… if you just are yourself and are OK with just being yourself and making spontaneous decisions and just, like, wearing whatever you want to wear and doing whatever you want to do — we’re going to make bad decisions sometimes, but we ultimately want to make good decisions,” he continued. “So let’s try to make the best decisions as we possibly know how to give and have a good night!”

Then early Sunday morning, shortly after his drunken rant the singer posted an old picture of the couple on Instagram with the caption “Feels.”


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Fans immediately began to speculate whether or not it meant that Beiber, who recently called it off with Hailey Baldwin, and Gomez, who is seemingly single, were back on. The speculation of the couple’s status was further fueled when fans saw Gomez like and even comment on the picture.

This isn’t the first time the couple have created this kind of “are they or aren’t they” frenzy and it probably won’t be the last. Just a few months ago Beiber publically serenaded Gomez with a rendition of “My Girl” at a hotel bar, which was almost immediately followed by Gomez insisting she was “so done” with, and talking about Bieber.

There’s no telling what this means for the forever on again/off again couple, but one thing is certain, they sure are some friendly exes.

Launch the video up top to see Bieber’s entire drunken rant.