Some People Are Saying That Mariah Carey’s #Squad Just Quit on Her

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The elusive chanteuse that is Mariah Carey has become even more elusive.

According to Page Six, a majority of the singer’s entourage have upped and left the diva after clashing with her new manager, Stella Bulochnikov, over Carey’s new E! reality show. Insiders tell the publication that business manager Michael Kane, international publicist Connie Filippello, domestic publicist Chris Chambers, tour manager Michael Richardson, travel manager Gaylin Winkler, and stylist Wilfredo Rosado are all walking away from Mimi after years of service.

“It seems as if Mariah has allowed a complete stranger, her new manager, to run her life, and others believe this woman is toxic. Seasoned executives in their profession don’t want to put up with her,” a source says. “Stella is hard to work with. Mariah doesn’t understand what’s going on because Stella paints a different picture, so Mariah probably thinks it’s petty disagreements. These are not just random people who have left her. These are loyal people who have been around for years, some 20.”

Bulochnikov became Carey’s manager last year and since reportedly brought in her own lawyer, bookkeeper, and family members to help manage the singer’s business.

“Stella has been using the TV platform to bad-mouth former people on the team on camera … She’s turning it into a reality show. She’s creating scenarios, and it’s not all about the shows in Vegas as she’s claimed. The show will definitely be trashy because it’s full of lies,” the insider says of Carey’s new show, which has yet to have a premiere date. “She hasn’t paid people, and they are threatening lawsuits.”

Well, at least there’ll be plenty of drama for the cameras. See who’s left in Carey’s #squad in the gallery above.