WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon Are Food-Spitting 80s Cops

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Jake Gyllenhaal takes a sledge hammer to the past.

It was a whole lotta P-words and spit takes between Jimmy Fallon and movie star, Jake Gyllenhaal, who claims this was his “most intense role” yet.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night, Jake showed up to chat with the late night talk show host about his upcoming film, Nocturnal Animals.

However, the twosome couldn’t help but “reminisce” about the time they starred in an 80s cop show together, entitled, Point Pleasant Police Department.

A recurring bit on Jimmy’s show, the two men basically spent the entire sketch spitting in each other’s faces.

The real star, however, was Jimmy’s fake mustache, which valiantly hung on for dear life throughout the entire sketch.