Haylie Duff Talks Easter Recipes and ‘The Real Girl’s Kitchen’

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This self-made chef is dishing on how to host the perfect party.

Actress, singer and now The Cooking Channel star Haylie Duff talked to Celebuzz! and told us all about her Easter plans and what it’s like to shoot her show The Real Girl’s Kitchen.

“I want people to watch it and feel like we’re friends and feel like they’re in the kitchen with me and they know me and there’s not a façade of a fake life, but that they’re really a part on my experience,” said Duff.

Duff started cooking while on set for a movie, and quickly fell in love. That’s when she originally began her blog The Real Girl’s Kitchen that has now grown and it about to begin its third season as a TV show.

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“I truthfully just started posting things because I didn’t know how to cook. It was my trials and tribulations of me finding my way around the kitchen,” said Duff, “As I got further along this world, which I never thought in a million years thought I would be doing this, I realized I had all this confidence in the kitchen and I was really good at it. I fell in love with the whole process. I just love the experience of food in general.”

Now that it’s Easter season, Duff has been hard at work with the National Pork Board coming up with recipes that will please her family, especially for her daughter, Ryan.

This year now that we have Ryan and she’s eating solids and enjoying food I’ve really been spending time thinking about the traditions we’re making for her.

Duff has shared three recipes with us that she’s particularly excited about. She said she likes to take classic recipes and put her own modern spin on them, including meals like pork, potatoes and biscuits.

I think the one real show stopper is going to be the pork loin. I think my family is going to be really surprised not to see that classic Easter ham on the table and see such a beautiful version of it, still with all the same flavors, just reimagined.

The Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork isn’t the only meal that Duff is excited about. She’s hoping her meals like Ham Stacks Au Gratin and Ham and Smoke Gouda Biscuits will create family traditions around the dinner table.

“They’re so fun, so easy and it looks really beautiful, and I think that’s a recipe [Ryan] can grow up talking about and say ‘Mom can you make those potato stacks this year?’ Those are the kind of things I think about, and that’s where the new twist on the Easter classic inspiration came from.”

While the food may be the star of the show at Easter dinner, the atmosphere is just as important.

One thing I tell people when they ask me about holiday entertaining is your energy when you greet them at the door sets the tone for what the day or the evening will be like. If you’re stressed, your guests will feel it. If you just lay back, relax, keep cooking if you have to, then your guests will tend to have a good time.

It sounds like this kitchen queen is ready for the crowd on Sunday. What to do if you’re not so calm, cool and collected?

“For people doing their own Easter, I think if you feel like you’re nervous about making something, make it a week before and do a trial run of it. Especially if you’re making something like the pork loin, no one is going to be mad if they have to eat this twice,” said Duff.

As for her show about to be on it’s third season, Duff just says that she feels very glad to be a part of the experience. “I’m very grateful and I’m so happy doing this every day,” she says. “We have a lot of fun around here.”

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