Ashton Kutcher Reveals How Daughter Wyatt Spent Easter

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Little Wyatt celebrated Easter in the most adorable and healthy way!

Ashton Kutcher visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he told the late-night host how his daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, spent the holiday. Yes, she did an Easter egg hunt. But Mila Kunis and her hubby decided that Wyatt was a little too young to be snacking on candy. So they found a fun, healthy way to make the day special.

“We didn’t want to put candy in it because she’s one-and-a-half and she’s not quite ready—we’re not quite ready for her to be ready for candy, so we did Cheerios and raisins,” Kutcher said. “She loved the raisins! She was going ape for the raisins.”

Wyatt hunted for Easter eggs, so she’s heard of the Easter Bunny, right? Not exactly…

“We had a legitimate conversation as to whether or not we’re going to go down that path. Like we think we’re going Santa Claus but we don’t know about the bunny,” The Ranch star told Kimmel. “It’s up in the air. It’s tough because it’s like, ‘Why is a bunny laying eggs? Mommy, does a bunny lay eggs?’ ‘No, but the Easter Bunny does.'”

Ashton went on to explain that this could lead to more difficult parenting moments if they decide to tell Wyatt about the Easter Bunny.

“And then why are there Peep chicken things? What are those and what does that have to do with Jesus coming back from the dead? Did that really happen? It’s all really confusing!”

The Easter struggle is real! Check out his chat below: