Charlize Theron Cries While Denying She Ghosted on Sean Penn

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Charlize Theron and Sean Penn
CREDIT: FameFlyNet

“I still don’t even know what it is.”

When Charlize Theron and Sean Penn called it quits last year after 18 months of dating, their breakup was plagued with rumors Theron “ghosted” on Penn. In a recent interview with WSJmagazine, Theron is finally clearing up the rumors surrounding their breakup and revealing the real reason the elite Hollywood couple called it quits.

“When you leave a relationship there has to be some fucking crazy story or some crazy drama,” she explained, insisting the rumors stemmed from nothing more than the media’s need to “sensationalize” celebrity relationships. “And the fucking ghosting thing, like literally I still don’t even know what it is,” so there you have it.

Even though Theron broke down several times during the interview, even joking her publicist was going to “kill me,” the actress insisted their break-up was really quite simple.  They just didn’t work together as a couple anymore. “We were in a relationship and then it didn’t work anymore,” she said. “And we both decided to separate. That’s it.”