So Spoiled: ‘Scandal,’ ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ and More!

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Stills from 'Scandal' and 'The Vampire Diaries'
CREDIT: Kelsey McNeal/ABC/The CW
Even Kerry Washington Fangirls over Shonda Rhimes and Olivia Pope
It's impossible to escape the ShondaLand spell, even if you live in it.

Here are answers to some of your burning TV questions! Because waiting for the next episode is for amateurs! We’ve got some tidbits on Scandal, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Quantico! Warning! Spoilers!

Fans of Hannah (Elize Coupe) on Quantico, listen up:

“I am so sad that her arc is coming to an end, because she’s on a pilot,” Executive Producer Josh Safran said. “It’s been so much fun. Next week’s episode [episode 16, airing April 3] is a very Hannah-forward episode, and you’ll learn why [her] marriage [to Ryan] failed. That’s a nice little grace note to that story, so you’ll understand more.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Check out what Ian Somerhalder had to say about directing the upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries:

“This car blew up and I was 200 feet away and I could still feel the heat and the percussion from this thing,” Somerhalder said. “The audience isn’t going to get the blast that I felt. What they’re going to feel is real heartbreak for why that explosion happened.” What a tease! [Entertainment Weekly]

Desperate to know how this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will end?

Jason Mantzoukas character, Adrian Pimento, is a domino that starts knocking over other dominoes — many of them professional, but some of them personal, too,” show creator Mike Schur told TV Line. “I don’t want to give too much away, but [the season] ends in a very exciting, unexpected way that is going to be very shocking.” [TV Line]

Curious how Olivia is going to cope with Edison joining the race on Scandal?

“It’s complicated,” Kerry Washington said. “There’s a real reason why Olivia feels the necessity to support Mellie… Her reasons are both political and personal. This is her way of making up for taking time from Mellie, for not supporting Mellie more, for not being in Mellie’s corner and to try to make right some of the wrongs that she had in the last administration.” [Entertainment Weekly]