Lamar Odom Cheers on Kobe Bryant Courtside at Los Angeles Lakers Game

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Not Looking Good
Khloe Kardashian reportedly demanding Lamar Odom go to rehab.

Recovering a series of brain strokes from last year, former NBA player, Lamar Odom returned to his old team’s home court to watch them play on Wednesday night.

Odom showed up to the event as a guest of his former teammate and old friend, Kobe Bryant, to watch him play with the Lakers against the Miami Heat at the Staples Center.

His recovery from last year’s near-death experience has been nothing short of miraculous, with the 6’10” retired basketball Laker smiling and shaking hands with fans.

Despite the fact that Lamar appears in good spirits, those close to the 36-year-old remain concerned, especially following reports that he was spotted at a bar Saturday night.

His wife, Khloe Kardashian, reportedly wants Lamar to return to rehab for drugs and alcohol.