Portraying Marcia Clarke on ‘American Crime Story’ Got Sarah Paulson Kind of Hooked on Cigarettes

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The power of nicotine is no joke.

Sarah Paulson is smoking in nearly every scene on American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, where she portrays lead prosecutor Marcia Clark. At the same time, she was filming American Horror Story: Hotel, playing ghost junkie Sally who, you guessed it, also is smoking constantly.

So, you can imagine how that might affect one person, especially since Paulson wasn’t a smoker before.

The actress said last night (March 31) on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, “I don’t smoke at all in life…When we first started, I was coughing a lot. And then eventually I started to kind of, was like ready for a smoke. I was like, ‘Hey! Hey!’ It got me a little crazy for the ciggies. I also smoke in American Horror Story and I was shooting them at the same time so it was a real situation.”

Paulson also commented on the sexism Clark faced being a woman (versus how she might have been treated differently if she were a man) and being a bit villainized during the O.J. Simpson murder trial. She also might be the only person in America not watching American Crime Story, since she told Colbert, “I’m going to wait until it’s all over” until she tunes in.

Watch her interview with Stephen Colbert in the video above!