Kevin Hart Might Be Done with Stand-Up Comedy

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CREDIT: FameFlynet

Has the beloved funnyman thrown in the towel?

Kevin Hart, along with droves of other famous actors, attended CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week. It’s where theater owners convene to talk upcoming projects and the state of affairs. While there, the 36-year-old star made a surprising announcement:

“I don’t know if I’m ever going to go out and do it again,” Hart said referring to touring as a stand-up performer, according to Variety. He was on hand to help promote Kevin Hart: What Now?, a film featuring a performance from his most recent comedy tour. When speaking about What Now?, the actor said it was “my last fucking tour.”

The decision, though disconcerting for fans, makes some semblance of sense, as Hart’s film career has been booming recently with films like Top Five, Get Hard, Ride Along 1 and 2 and his soon-to-be released buddy-cop comedy with Dwayne Johnson, Central Intelligence.

During the CinemaCon proceedings, Hart also poked fun at the forthcoming Jason Bourne film, preened like a prizefighter, and shared his belief in the power of comedy.

“I believe that laughter heals all wounds,” he explained. “It’s a goal of mine to make people understand the power of laughter…I’m that person that you can laugh at.”