Meghan Trainor: I Had a ‘Drunk Make Out’ with Charlie Puth

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Meghan Trainor made jaws drop when she shared a steamy kiss with Charlie Puth while performing at 2015 American Music Awards. However, according to the singer, that wasn’t the only time she had shared a smooch with the “See You Again” crooner.

In her latest interview with Seventeen magazine, Trainor, 22, revealed she had also made out with Puth, 24, while she was slightly tipsy during one of their recording sessions.

“Um… when we recorded,” she said, when asked if she had ever kissed Puth at any other time besides the AMAs and their music video. “Probably one drunk make out. I don’t know if he’s going to be mad I said that!”

She continued, “We were next to each other, recording a duet, and then I think I kissed him. It was cool. And then we never did it again. Ever. When we’d hang out, it would be like buddies.”

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CREDIT: Tom Schirmacher/Seventeen

Though she got to briefly make out with a Hollywood heartthrob onstage, Trainor also confessed that guys haven’t necessarily been lining up around the block to date her. When it comes to suitors, the Grammy winner said people have been too intimidated by her fame to ask her out.

“I’m single. It’s hard because when I wasn’t famous, I got attention. Guys flirted with me all the time. And then I got famous, and guys won’t look at me! And if they do, they’re terrified,” she told the publication. “There was a part where I was just like, ‘Yo, am I hideous? How am I not getting hit on? I’m super-cool. I’m super-pretty. I’ve never dressed better. I should be getting guys lined up!”

Someone get this girl on Tinder. Stat!

Meghan Trainor seventeen magazine
CREDIT: Tom Schirmacher/Seventeen