Jeremy Renner Calls Being a Father ‘the Most Important Thing’ in His Life

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Be prepared to swoon over Jeremy Renner.

The actor opened up to E! News about his role as a father to his daughter Ava while promoting his newest movie, Story of Your Life, during this week’s CinemaCon. He couldn’t help but gush over her, saying, “Fatherhood is the most important thing in my life.” However, despite the fact the he loves his little girl, he tries to avoid exposing her on social media too much.

“I still don’t expose my baby’s face, just to protect her or anyone in my family [who’s] a minor,” Renner said. “I just think that’s not my decision to make. You know what I mean? You don’t need to be world famous just because your jacka– dad is.”

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He also revealed that his daughter definitely has an artistic side even though he’s not too keen about her following in his footsteps. “I’d love to steer her away from that,” the Avengers star said, “but I’ll never say no. I first and foremost want her to be a kid and have a lot of fun.”