Alexander Skarsgård on ‘Tarzan’ Sex Scene with Margot Robbie: ‘She Beat Me Up’ 

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Still from 'The Legend of Tarzan'
CREDIT: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Legend of Tarzan? More like Fifty Shades of Tarzan!

If haven’t heard by now, Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgård apparently have a white-hot sex scene in their movie The Legend of Tarzan. It even gets a little violent…

“Our director [David Yates] wanted it to be primal and animalistic,” Skarsgård explained to E! News! at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. “What I kind of liked about this script was that when you first meet them, they are very civilized. It’s not loin cloth, ‘me Tarzan , you Jane.’ It’s them in London very buttoned up, he’s drinking tea with the prime minister and then they go back to the jungle. When they have their first sex scene it’s in the little village that she lived in as a teenager. David kind of egged us on and wanted it to feel very primal and she beat me up.”

Robbie responded that it didn’t go down quite like that…

“I didn’t injure him,” she said. “I guess we got caught up in the moment. I didn’t punch him in the face. I’m getting a bad rep that I hit all my co-stars.”

The gorgeous actress also described seeing Skarsgård’s insane body on set. “My mind was blank and my jaw was on the floor with everyone else in the crew. People stopped working. Even the men were just like, ‘Whoa.’ It’s amazing. He worked so hard. I’ve never possessed the self-discipline to get in shape like that, I’m so impressed.”

The Legend of Tarzan arrives in theaters on July 1, 2016.