Prince William Grew Teary-Eyed After Recreating Princess Diana’s Iconic Taj Mahal Photo

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Tour the Taj Mahal
Photos from their visit to "the monument of love"

The royal couple’s pit stop at the Taj Mahal was very sentimental for Prince William.

Prince William and Kate Middleton posed for photos on the bench at the Taj Mahal on Saturday (Apr. 16), which is lovingly referred to as “Lady Di’s Chair” in reference to Princess Diana‘s emotional photoshoot from 1992. The series of photos was taken shortly after she and Prince Charles announced their separation, and Diana took a moment to turn away from the photographers to reflect in solitude.

TMZ reports that after the Duke and Duchess recreated the iconic photoshoot outside of the “monument of love”, Prince William shed a few tears remembering this moment in his late mother’s history.

“It’s a beautiful place, stunning designs in there,” Middleton told reporters. “It’s been really incredible to learn about the romance of the building, and really beautiful architecture.”

View their photoshoot in the gallery at the top of the page and see photos of their departure over on TMZ.