Kate Hudson Reveals How She Ended Up on a ‘Date’ with J.J. Watt

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Kate Hudson and JJ Watt
CREDIT: Getty Images

Sometimes it looks like a date, sounds like a date, but it’s not really a date.

Last week Kate Hudson and football player J.J. Watt sent the rumor mill into a frenzy when they SnapChatted their super adorable “date,” but it turns out it wasn’t really a date after all. Despite the fact that Watt called the outing a “date,” it was really nothing more than friends eating at the same restaurant.

“We actually just have the same agent,” Hudson toldĀ Entertainment Tonight. “We were at, like, a big dinner. It’s just what happens.”

So, it looks like they’re not Hollywood’s hottest new couple after all. Unless, Hudson is just saying that so that she and her football hunk can date in peace. Only time, and SnapChat, will tell.