10 Burning Questions We Hope Are Answered in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6

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Still from 'Game of Thrones'
Game of Thrones' Jon Snow and Ygritte (Kit Harington and Rose Leslie) Are a Couple IRL
Game of Thrones couple Jon Snow and Ygritte are a real life couple, y'all!

Season five of Game of Thrones was full of revelations, betrayals and deaths, naturally. So what’s next!?

Hey! Spoilers!

We held our breath when Sansa and Theon jumped off the wall to escape Ramsay “I Hunt Women for Fun” Bolton. We paced the room when Cersei did her walk of shame in King’s Landing. And we called in sick to work when Jon Snow was killed.

Now the premiere of season six is around the corner and it’s time to pose the nagging questions we have for the show’s creators. Will Arya ever see again!? Is Stannis truly dead? And what in the name of the old gods and the new happened to The Mountain!?

Let’s get started…

1) Is The Hound really dead?

Okay, granted the showdown between Brienne of Tarth and Sandor Clegane happened in Season 4, but the folks behind this show know their audience and when someone dies, we see it in all its gruesome glory. In the case of The Hound, he simply fell.

In the books, Brienne later encounters an enormous gravedigger near a monastery. His face is covered and he’s petting a dog. When she speaks with an elder monk, the guy inexplicably knows a lot about Sandor Clegane and states that The Hound died. But perhaps Clegane has simply abandoned his life as a fighter? Granted, the TV show will likely not follow the books exactly… But still!

Still from 'Game of Thrones'

2) Will Jaime Lannister avenge Myrcella’s death?

The Kingslayer literally spent an entire season trying to rescue his daughter from Dorne. He and Bronn went through it: Sneaking into the country and battling Sand Snakes, and Myrcella didn’t even want to go back to King’s Landing!

Then, finally they convince Prince Doran to let them take her back, with Trystane coming along to serve on the small council. So, they’re sailing home; everything’s great and Jaime decides to tell her that he is her father, and she’s sorta cool with it! Then, almost immediately afterward, Myrcella collapses and dies. She was poisoned by Ellaria.

Is Jaime gonna head back to Dorne and attack Prince Doran? It seems pretty likely. Trystane will also be in a rough spot; he’s likely a Lannister prisoner in the next season.

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3) What happened to The Mountain!?

So, The Mountain and Oberyn have an unforgettable fight in Season 4. It ends with The Mountain smooshing the Dornish prince’s melon, but not before he poisons the gigantic fighter with his spear tip.

Then, we learn creepy Qyburn (the show’s resident Doctor Frankenstein), is experimenting on The Mountain, and at the end of Season 4 he says he plans to change the warrior, not weaken him.

Then, after Cersei’s, um, naked stroll through town, a certain gigantic knight named Ser Robert Strong, whose face is never shown, carries the Queen Regent away. But c’mon, that’s Zombie Mountain!

Still from 'Game of Thrones'

4) Where has Bran been?

You are welcome to believe that young Bran was simply omitted from Season 5 and we’re going to pick up where we left off with him—up north with Hodor and Meera—but I don’t recommend it!

So where has he been? What’s he been doing? Well, the old man (formerly three-eyed raven) said Bran would never walk again, but he would fly… What if he’s been perfecting his warging skills?

And, it should be mentioned that Drogon, Daenerys’ most powerful dragon, was absent for huge chunks of Season 5. Is anyone else imagining Bran flying around on Drogon right now?

Still from 'Game of Thrones'

5) Did Theon and Sansa survive their jump?

When we left off, Sansa was in a midst of a half-baked escape attempt (rescue attempt?) at the end of Season 5. The eldest Stark sister is almost immediately caught by Myranda and Reek. As a viewer, you pretty much expect Sansa’s plight to go from pretty bad to unspeakably terrible that this point…

But Reek rekindles the Theon Greyjoy within and pushes Myranda to her death. Soon, they hear Ramsay returning. Fearing their tormented lives continuing this way, the two bravely jump from the wall of Winterfell.

Now, we just watched a girl fall to her death…so how could they survive an equally high jump? I’m truly hoping they don’t rely on snow to explain their survival!

6) Will Arya stay blind?

Those folks at the House of Black and White are not fooling around. Arya is in training to become one of their super-great, ninja assassins. She’s sent to kill a corrupt merchant on the docks, but what does she do instead? She kills Meryn Trant, the guy who killed her “dance instructor” Syrio.

So, as a lesson for her disobedience, Arya is stricken blind. But will it last? We’re not betting on it. These guys can borrow the faces of others in order to take lives, surely they can give a reckless girl her peepers back when she’s learned her lesson.

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7) Is Stannis Baratheon really dead?

When we left off, the Stannis had lost his army to Ramsay and his vicious cohort. He’s injured and exhausted when who should stroll over but Brienne of Tarth, that one woman who swore she’d avenge the death of Renly Baratheon, namely by killing his brother.

Stannis is resigned, he says, “Do your duty.”

So the question is: Is Brienne’s duty killing him? Or using him to better serve Catelyn Stark’s surviving children? Because Brienne is all about that duty.

It’s certainly implied that the ruthless would-be king is dead, but the creators of Game of Thrones are wily! As stated before, if you don’t see them die, they aren’t necessarily dead!

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8) Are Margaery and Loras Tyrell still in prison?

In Season 5, the Sparrows got super busy in King’s Landing. The religious extremists first imprisoned Loras Tyrell because of his homosexuality. No long after, his sister Margaery was arrested for lying before the gods.

But these two took a backseat when Cersei was arrested and forced to do her naked walk through the city streets. So, will Tommen grow a pair and have his wife released from prison? Or will the siblings confess and get their own walks of shame?

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9) How will Cersei get revenge for her public shaming?

Who can’t wait for Cersei’s retaliation after her humiliating walk!? It’s a safe bet that she has some devious designs on the High Sparrow and his fanatical followers.

Lancel Lannister is probably going to be the first to receive Cersei’s vengeance as he was the one whose confession landed her in a cell in the first place. And now she has a silent, monstrous servant in Ser Robert Strong (a.k.a. Zombie Mountain) to do her bidding!

Also, as soon as Cersei discovers her daughter Myrcella has been killed, you can bet she’ll be ready to attack Dorne as well. Season 6 could definitely be Cersei’s hour of reckoning.

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 10) Is Jon Snow dead?

You knew we were headed here! To recap: Believing that the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was leading his men astray, a full-on mutiny occurred in which almost everyone attacked Ned Stark’s supposed bastard son.

But will he return?

Well, there’s plenty to lead us to believe it’s possible. That terrifying woman in red has recently taken up residence at Castle Black and she apparently has the ability to raise people from the dead.

Here’s our bet: Jon Snow will be absent (outside of the odd scary dream sequence) from Season 6, much like Bran in Season 5.

Then, in Season 7, when presumably a full-on war has broken out between the White Walkers and men, ole Jon will come back!

Still from 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres on April 24, 2016.