Azealia Banks on Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’: ‘She’s a Thief’

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Azealia Banks isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid, err, Lemonade

Since Beyoncé’s new visual album dropped over the weekend, fans and peers alike have come out of the woodwork to sing its praises for advocating for feminine empowerment. But not everyone is on board with Bey’s message. Banks, who is notorious for her Twitter rants and lashing out at, well, just about anyone if the timing is right, took to social media to attack Jay Z’s ladylove in a blistering tirade. Banks called Bey’s music “the Antithesis of what feminine is.”

The rapper didn’t stop there. She also decided to accuse Beyoncé of stealing from other artists, calling her a “poacher” and a “thief.”

Fearless or foolish, Banks speaks her mind, but the Beyhive has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to haters shading their Queen.

On a slightly lighter note, Banks also has new music. She released her single “The Big Big Beat” today featuring her signature rhymes over a decidedly danceable beat.

Check it out here: