Rita Ora Finally Reveals If She’s Actually ‘Becky with the Good Hair’

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rita ora jay z cheating affair
CREDIT: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Rita Ora is breaking her silence.

After Beyoncé fans dragged the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer for allegedly being “Becky with the good hair” — A.K.A. Jay Z‘s supposed mistress — from Bey’s “Sorry,” a track about infidelity off of Lemonade, Ora finally took to Twitter to clear the air on whether or not she did have an affair with Queen B’s husband.

Despite fueling rumors that she’s the other woman by wearing a necklace with a “J” initial with a lemon bikini top before stepping out in the same Gucci dress Beyoncé wore in her “Formation” music video, Ora insisted she’s not the “Becky” from the song.

Similarly, Rachel Roy, who was also accused by the Beyhive for being “Becky,” recently refuted rumors that she’s the seductress that had tried to ruin Bey-Z’s marriage.

“I want to put the speculation and rumors to rest. My Instagram post was meant to be fun and lighthearted, it was misunderstood as something other than that,” she told Peoplein an official statement. “There is no validity to the idea that the song references me personally. There is no truth to the rumors.”

“Consequently, online haters have targeted me and my daughters in a hurtful and scary manner, including physical threats,” continued Roy. “As a mother — and I know many mothers would agree — I feel that bullying in any form is harmful and unacceptable.”

So if it’s not Ora or Roy — and definitely notRachael Ray — who could “Becky” be?