#WCW: Jessica Alba’s 10 Best Movies Roles Ranked By Her Sexiness

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Happy early birthday, Jessica Alba!

For as long as we can remember (really, it’s since Honey), the actress has been our Woman Crush every day. Now, at 35 years old, she’s a mom, a businesswoman, and has an impressively sexy resume. To celebrate her birthday (Apr. 28, 2016), we not only made Alba Celebuzz‘s Woman Crush Wednesday, but we also took a look at her best movie roles, ranked by her sexiness on-screen.

Over the years, she’s had her fair share of sexy movie moments. Who can forget her steamy car kiss with Paul Walker in their movie Into the Blue?

into the blue jessica alba

What about her role in Good Luck Chuck with Dane Cook? Everyone wanted to be a clumsy, hot girl like she was in the film. She also took on the role as the Invisible Woman Sue Storm in Fantastic Four, where she donned some superhero tights that everyone approved of.

Check out the gallery above for Jessica Alba’s best roles, ranked by her sexiness!