So Spoiled: Teasing What’s Next on ‘Castle,’ ‘Arrow’ and More! 

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There's Surprises on the Way for 'Arrow' and 'Castle'
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Warning! Spoilers!

Let’s face it, binge-watching has spoiled us. We want to know what happens now! Loads of finales are around the corner and countless shows are on the fast-track to their air date, so here’s some hints on what you can expect to see on shows like Arrow, Longmire and Castle

Can’t wait to see how they wrap up Bindspot in a few weeks?

“There is a reveal in these last couple of episodes that turns the show completely upside down,” EP Martin Gero said. “[The finale] is the first episode where there’s not a single shot fired. That’s how much is going on emotionally.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Any Longmire fans who can’t wait for the show to return on Netflix?

“Season 5 is currently casting some Irish crime family members whom Walt will take an interest in with regards to a drugs-related murder,” wrote Matt Webb Mitovich. [TV Line]

Curious how the LokSat storyline will end on the Castle finale?

“It’s an incredibly dynamic, big, large episode where Castle and Beckett are really tested,” EP Terence Paul Winter said. “They have to call on all their friends — be it Espo, Ryan and Hayley — to help them take down the mysterious LokSat.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of finales, here’s a teaser for this season’s conclusion of Arrow.

“…We’re going to take the team to a pretty dark place [so] it’s much more about, ‘Where are we going to pick these guys up?’ [in the fall],” showrunner Wendy Mericle said. “The character arcs that we built this season, we knew exactly where we wanted every character to end, and it was in a very sort of morally grey place. So they’re asking themselves some pretty profound questions.” [TV Line]