#WCW: 12 Incredibly Badass Adele Quotes to Live By, Now and Forever

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Adele is both wise and hilarious.

The singer is celebrating her 28th birthday on Thursday (May 5, 2016), so to honor her big day, we thought we’d gift her with the title of Celebuzz‘s Woman Crush Wednesday this week. She’s had quite the year, having not only made one of the biggest comebacks, but also making us all fall in love with her all over again. It’s safe to say we’re very glad to have her back in our lives.

The thing is: not only does she have an incredible voice, but most of what comes out of her mouth when she isn’t singing is incredible as well. She’s been quoted tons of times about her body, her love life, and even about how timing is everything. From witty one-liners to making fun of herself, Adele has said things that we’ll live by, now and forever.

Check out the gallery above for 12 of Adele’s best quotes over the years!