WATCH: Chris Evans and Jimmy Fallon Play Intense Game of Blackjack

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Because watching A-list actors get the bejeezus scared out of them never gets old.

This video will give you chills.

Recently, Chris Evans dropped by The Tonight Show to promote his forthcoming superhero movie Captain America: Civil War. While there, he and host Jimmy Fallon played quite possible the most hardcore game of blackjack known to man.

Typically, if you lose a hand of blackjack, you lose your money. Simple enough, right? Well, if you lose a hand while playing “Frozen Blackjack,” your opponent gets to pour ice water down your pants. Fallon and his team are not fooling around.

Throughout the game, Evans and Fallon both lose and get to experience what must be an excruciating blast to the nether region. Their facial expressions say it all.

Check out the clip above!