WATCH: Nick Jonas Reveals He’s Single, Discusses Kate Hudson Dating Rumors

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Nick Jonas is “single.”

The 23-year-old singer remained mum about whether or not he’s dating Kate Hudson, who he’s been linked to since September of last year.

When EllenĀ Degeneres put him on the spot by asking if he was single, and how Hudson was, he said “She’s great.” He then told Degeneres that although the didn’t attend last week’sĀ Met Gala together, the did have dinner together the night before.

“We had a group dinner the night before the Met Gala. Lots of people and she was there and I was there. It was a group,” he emphasized.

“Whatever,” Degeneres remarked, speaking aloud all of our thoughts as well.

Watch Jonas talk about living with his brother Joe in Sherman Oaks, and why he and Demi Lovato cancelled their tour date in North Carolina over the new gender discrimination law.

In the video below, Jonas plays pie face with Joe: