Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Want You to ‘Join the Chase’ with New Competition Series

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Can you catch The Runner?

Talk about entering the digital age. BFF’s Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are exec producing a new competition series called The Runner that you watch – and interact with – entirely on your mobile devices through Verizon’s go90 video app.

Verizon released the official trailer for the show, which explains what is required. According to, a “runner” (equipped with a GoPro, naturally) is designated to travel across the country in 30 days, to gather clues at various destination. If successful in their quest, the runner can win $1 million. The, er, catch is, he or she is being chased by teams, who, if they apprehend the runner, win the money.

Now, here’s where YOU come in. While watching the series on your go90 app, you, too, can perhaps catch the runner and win the prize money. All we can say, that poor runner; it really doesn’t seem like they stand a chance.

The series is set to launch in July.

In other Matt Damon news, the actor recently spoke with Town & Country for their June/Philanthropy issue, hitting newsstands May 17, talking about his work with Gary White and, and the impact of celebrity on philanthropy.

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I became famous. It’s surreal to suddenly wake up to one day and have a larger sphere of influence than you ever anticipated. You genuinely want to do good in the world, but you’re going to make a lot of missteps. People started asking me to come to this gala or that. And then I would find my name associated with things that I didn’t know anything about. I didn’t want to be somebody at whom people rolled their eyes, thinking, ‘What is he doing, getting into the middle of this kind of stuff?’ And that’s why, once my life stabilized a little—my career was going pretty well, my wife was pregnant—I decided to get very serious about one thing.

On lack of access to uncontaminated water in areas where water is ubiquitous:

We don’t know anyone who goes thirsty. We have faucets everywhere. Our toilet water is cleaner than what 663 million people drink. The crisis in Flint, Michigan, ironically, is one of the first times, at least in my memory, that Americans have become aware of just how necessary clean water is, and the dire consequences of not having it… One child dies every 90 seconds because of water-borne illnesses. It’s completely insane. But beyond just senseless death, this is robbing people of their humanity, of their hopes and dreams. And also of simple day-to-day things, like a kid having time to play.

Read the whole interview here.

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CREDIT: Cedric Buchet/Town & Country