This Photo of Harry Styles’ New Haircut Went Viral, Except It’s Not Actually Harry Styles

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CREDIT: Twitter


Even since Harry Styles revealed he’s chopped off his locks for charity, fans have been clamoring for a first look at his newly cut hair. Not even the paparazzi have been able to give fans a first look, so when a video of Styles with a close-cropped cut hit the internet, everyone freaked out.

In the video, tweeted out be a teen in England, the singer is seen saying, “Hi, everyone. It’s Harry. Thanks, everyone, for liking my new haircut. Thanks, Ellis Lacy, for getting my photo out there.”

At first glance, it does, in fact, look like the One Direction frontman, but on closer inspection, it’s clear the video is nothing more than a fan taking advantage of SnapChat’s face swap filter. Unfortunately, it took the internet just a little longer to catch on.

While the video isn’s actually Styles, until the singer actually reveals what he looks like, it’s the closest thing we’ve got.