WATCH: Apparently Serena Williams Tried Her Dog’s Food and It Sent Her Running to the Bathroom 

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The tennis pro learned a valuable lesson…

Yesterday, Serena Williams shared a kinda hilarious/kinda intense story on her Snapchat. The kind you won’t soon forget.

Okay okay, so Williams is currently in Rome, Italy for a match and the hotel where she’s staying (which is swanky AF) has a decadent menu just for dogs! And since they didn’t bring food for Chip, her three-year-old Yorkie, she decided to get some high-class dining for her four-legged pal.

She ordered some salmon and rice and it arrived in a plastic container with a metal spoon, kinda like people food. So…the tennis champ decided to take a bit.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Let’s fast-forward like two hours. I just ran to the toilet like…I thought I was gonna pass out,” she relays in the video.

The 34-year-old athlete says the food tasted like “house cleaner” and apparently it had her in the bathroom for some time. You gotta feel bad for her despite how funny this story is… “I don’t think it’s consumable for humans and they should have wrote that!” she says with a laugh.

However, like all top performers, Williams was able to find a silver lining with this funny mishap.

“I guess tomorrow when I step on the court, I’m gonna look svelte.”