WATCH: Michael Fassbender Is Deadly in ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Trailer  

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When Michael Fassbender asks to ride you, it's impossible to say 'neigh.'

Okay…this actually looks like it’s going to be amazing.

After months of holding our breath, the first trailer has arrived for the big-screen adaptation of Assassin’s Creed. I know what you’re thinking: all movies based on video games are dumpster fires. You’re not wrong. But this new flick might be the rare exception.

The acclaimed cast for this movie alone should hint that they are cooking with gas on this one. The movie stars German-Irish rogue Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch a modern-day criminal rescued from execution by an ominous corporation. By means of sophisticated technology, he is forced to relive the memories of his ancient ancestor, an assassin combating the Templars during the Spanish Inquisition. The flood of memories also show Lynch how to fight present-day Templars.

Sound a bit confusing? Understandable, especially considering this adaptation is a clear departure from the hit video game series, but considering the talent involved, this time-traveling storyline might just be the special sauce needed to make this film worth seeing.

In the film’s trailer, armies clash and Fassbender parkours his way around Spanish rooftops taking out henchmen left and right. The use of Kanye West’s track “I Am a God” is an especially nice touch.

The film also stars Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson.