‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: Lots of Fire in That ‘Song of Fire and Ice’

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Holy hell, Daenerys Targaryen really, um, heats things up in this episode. [SPOILERS AHEAD, so tread carefully].

We all knew Dany wasn’t long for her captured life in Dothraki country. There were her rescuers, Jorah and Daario, on the way, and just by the look in her eye, there was no way Dany was going to spend the rest of her days in the Dosh Khaleen, living with the smelly old Khal widows.

Nope. She of the many names is too fierce for that, but how would the escape transpire? Daario and Jorah find their way to the Dothraki capital. Before they go in, Jorah says they cannot bring in any weapons because they are forbidden. Daario is reluctant, but he acquiesces. Daario also notices Jorah has greyscale, the Stone Man’s disease, which has definitely made Jorah weaker than before. So, when they do inevitably get caught in the city, Jorah doesn’t fare well. Daario takes care of them, but they will be discovered soon if they don’t hurry up. They finally find Dany but rather than just run and try to make it to safety, Dany has a better idea.

She meets with Khal Moro and the other Dothraki soldiers in the Dosh Khaleen to find out if they will allow her to stay or cast her out. She listens for a bit, but then starts to speak. She basically tells them that her husband, Khal Drogo, had plans to go across the sea and take the Iron Throne from those weaklings in Westeros. Her Drogo wasn’t just content to raid small villages and gain more horses. She calls Moro and the others “small” men and says they can’t lead, but she can. And she will.

Yeah, that doesn’t go over well. Moro begins unfurling all the sexual horrors coming her way, while Dany just stands there, next to the fire torches. Moro says they’d never follow her. She replies she didn’t want them to follow, she wants them to die. Then she puts her hand right in the fire and starts knocking over torches, one by one, setting the whole place on fire and killing all the Dothraki men.

Dany then walks out of the burning structure, naked and defiant – and the Dothraki bow before her. Even Daario and Jorah bow. Damn, don’t not mess with she who is Unburnt! We have just GOT to get those crazy kids, Dany and Jon Snow, together now.

Here’s what else happened:


— Jon Snow and Sansa Stark reunite, and we admit, it brought a tear to the eye. Jon was packing up, ready to head South to “get warm.” Eddison can’t believe he’d just leave after he knows what’s coming, i.e. White Walkers. But now that Sansa is there, Jon isn’t rushing off. They are awfully glad to see each other, amazed in fact. They reminisce about their childhood and how awful Sansa was to Jon back in the day. But then Sansa gets to the point: She wants to go back to Winterfell and win it back from the psychotic Ramsay. The disillusioned Jon is tired of fighting, but Sansa is determined.

— Meanwhile, Ser Davos almost finds out from Melisandre what happened to Stannis’ daughter (that she was burned alive on the stake – and when he does, it’s not going to be pretty), but Brienne interrupts and informs the Red Witch she is the one who killed Stannis, and she has not forgotten how Melisandre killed her former king, Renly Baratheon, with “blood magic.” It is basically Brienne’s way of saying, “I’m always watching you.”

— Then later, Brienne is a little horrified by how the Night’s Watch eat, as Wildling Tormund eyes her, kind of lustily. Could there be romance in the works for Brienne? THIS we have to see. As they eat, Jon gets a note from Ramsay, pretty much outlining every horrible thing he’ll do to him, Sansa, Rickon and the rest, once he shows up. That does it. Jon is ready to gather his Northern army, with Wildlings mixed in, and take back Winterfell.

— Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish returns! He is still the guardian of Robin Arryn, who is a lot older now and his voice has dropped, but is still kind of a little shit. Baelish has found out about Sansa’s escape and her trek to Castle Black, so he “convinces” young Robin, and his ward, Lord Royce, that they should go help her. Yay, more men to add to the army!


— Back in Mereen, Tyrion wants to try to make peace with the slave masters through diplomacy. Tyrion tells them they ultimately don’t need slaves to make money. He makes them a deal: They can have their slaves again for exactly seven more years, or until they can find a new system of commerce. In return, they stop funding the Sons of Harpy. No one is happy with the arrangement, but Tyrion is doing what he does best. Don’t worry, though, Dany is on her way.

— Theon Greyjoy returns to the Pyke. His sister, Yara, isn’t all that welcoming because he didn’t come home with her when she tried to rescue him from Ramsay Bolton’s awful clutches. Theon apologizes, “He broke me. He broke me into little pieces.” Yara thinks he has returned just because he wants to claim the throne now that their father is dead. But that’s not it. Theon wants to help Yara be the ruler the Iron Islands.


— In King’s Landing, prisoner Margaery Tyrell is summoned before the High Sparrow. He tells her about how he sought the high life once upon a time. He made shoes for the High Born and used the money to buy wine and young women. Then one morning he looked around after a night of debauchery and realized all his sins. He walked out and never came back. Then High Sparrow takes her to see her brother Loras. He’s pretty broken and it looks like Margaery may have to succumb to the Walk of Shame plan or her brother will die.

— Cersei talks with her son, King Tommen. He thinks they have to play the High Sparrow’s little game because things are at stake, but Cersei has other plans. She and Jamie once again interrupt a small counsel meeting, this time with just their Uncle Kevan Lannister and Margaery’s grandmother, Oleanna Tyrell. Oleanna will not allow that Walk of Shame happen to her granddaughter, so Cersei and Jamie finally convince them they must work together to stop the High Sparrow. They must gather an army together to come into the King’s Landing and take it back.

All the pieces of the Game are starting to fall into place.