Here’s What Paris Hilton’s Closet Looks Like

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Wait, she owns how many pairs of jeans?!

Paris Hilton is opening up the doors to her massive wardrobe, showing Vogue just all the regrettable pieces of clothing she’s held to onto since the early 2000s. In a new video for the publication, the 35-year-old shows off her massive denim collection — which includes over 104 pairs of jeans that still have their price tags on them — ranging from brands like Victoria Beckham to Frankie B.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever wear this again,” Hilton says, holding up a denim miniskirt she had custom tailored to be even shorter than it was.

Paris Hilton closet

According to Hilton, who is said to be producing a documentary about herself, she didn’t have a stylist while filmingThe Simple Life with Nicole Richie.

“We just wore whatever we wanted,” she admits, laughing. “We were really into Von Dutch. That was, like, our thing.”

Hilton also confesses to rocking JNCO jeans “with huge platform heels and little tops” and Juicy Couture “matchy-matchy outfits.”

See what else is in her closet — above!