So Spoiled: What to Expect on the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale and More! 

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Still from 'Grey's Anatomy'

Why wait to find out what’s going to happen next on your favorite show when you can read about it now!?

It’s finale season and we’ve gathered some exciting teasers for what you can expect to see on Chicago Fire, Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy

Will beloved characters continue popping up on Supernatural? Especially considering how difficult beating Amara is going to be for the Winchesters and God?

“They’re cut from the same cloth,” Rob Benedict said of the siblings’ ability. “So it’s a delicate thing, and he definitely needs [Sam and Dean] and anyone else he can get. He can’t do it by himself.” That sounds promising. [Entertainment Weekly]

Dying to see a second season of Secrets and Lies?

“The latest buzz is that Season 2 — which stars Michael Ealy, Terry O’Quinn, Jordana Brewster and the returning Juliette Lewis, and wrapped production in early December — [might not find a spot] on the airwaves until fall,” said Matt Webb Mitovich. [TV Line]

Wondering what’s coming up for Kidd and Severide on the season finale of Chicago Fire?

Apparently Kidd’s ex-husband becomes a “major complication in the last few moments of the finale in terms of what he’s willing to do to prevent his ex-wife from going forward” with Severide, according to EP Matt Olmstead. [Entertainment Weekly]

We know that the finale of Grey’s Anatomy is all about Amelia and Owen’s wedding, but will the episode touch on how Stephanie is coping with Kyle’s death?

“What we do see is that it is still weighing very heavily on her, and Jo isn’t exactly sympathetic to that,” Jerrika Hintonsaid. “Jo has her own stuff that she’s much more concerned with… It’s real deep grieving. There’s the anger at the situation, anger at herself, disappointment with the way that her colleagues have handled the surgery. There’s tons of blame going around, tons of guilt within herself.” [Entertainment Weekly]