10 of Tina Fey’s Funniest Moments in Honor of Her 46th Birthday

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Happy Birthday Tina Fey!

One of America’s favorite comedians, Tina Fey has had so many accomplishments just this year.  Tina’s currently starring in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot written by Robert Carlock, her co-creator for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Speaking of, the next season of UKS, the popular Netflix original, was just released (you’re totally lying if you say you haven’t binge-watched it already). The show was also renewed for a third season to come in 2017!

So, what are our other favorite and funny Tina Fey moments of her career? To celebrate the star turning 46, we compiled a top ten list of the best-of Tina Fey.

Here’s our top ten favorite Tina Fey moments:

1) Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the 70th-72nd Golden Globes.

The two were such a big hit the first year that they carried on the gig for two more, taking jabs at Hollywood movies and actors.

2) Actually, any time she and Amy Poehler are together is completely hilarious.

Whether it’s Baby Mama, Sisters, or hosting SNL, the two are unstoppable together.

3) Tina’s time as a Weekend Update anchor.

She did the segment from 2000-2006, and worked with co-hosts Jimmy Fallon and, surprise, Amy Poehler.

4) When Tina stripped down to Spanx to say goodbye to David Letterman.

To say farewell to the long-time late-night talk show host, she gave him the dress off her back.

5) Any time she tells stories about her daughters, Alice and Penelope.

The two girls seem to have inherited the funny gene.

6) When Tina played Sarah Palin on SNL.

Her accent and look are spot-on when it comes to regularly impersonating the politician.

7) Her time as Liz Lemon and at 30 Rock.

The show was on for seven seasons, and fans never got tired of Liz Lemon and her funny and relatable struggles.

8) When Tina and Amy teamed up with Broad City‘s Ilana Glazerand Abbi Jacobsen for this hilarious Sisters promo.

9) Tina’s work on the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Tina co-created the Netflix original series, and made cameo appearances in seasons one and two.

10) Mean Girls.

People still reference the 2004 film written by Tina more than 10 years later. It’s so fetch.

Thank you for being amazing Tina. From all of us here at Celebuzz!, have a very happy 46th!

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