The CBS Fall Schedule Is a Parade Led by Familiar Faces from the Late ’90s in More Family Sitcoms

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Did we Benjamin Button ourselves?

CBS announced its lineup for the fall 2016 season, which will reboot their Monday comedy block and return eight standing comedies back into the cycle. Kevin James‘ new series Kevin Can Wait will sit in the 8 PM Monday night slot, which features the King of Queens actor as a newly-retired police officer looking to spend more time with his family that realizes that his family has fallen apart while he was out on the job. His daughter is dropping out of school to support her fiancé who is designing the next “big app” and his son is “a bit of a hypochondriac”, so he and his buddies will have to wait to go fishing until he gets his household in order.

“For now, his plans for a cushy life will have to wait, because Kevin has work to do, and this time, his family is his beat,” reads the synopsis on Deadline.

One step backward in family comedies featuring empowered female leads.

Then, it’s on toMatt LeBlanc‘s new sitcom Man With A Plan, where LeBlanc is a contractor who also starts spending more time with his children while his wife returns to the work force after being a serial stay-at-home mom, only to realize these people he created are also “maniacs”.

“Adam’s blindsided by how tough it is to wrangle three messy kids who can’t live without Wi-Fi,” reads the summary, but with his wife’s reassurance, LeBlanc learns that he can do it all on his own.

Keep calm and watch Friends reruns, LeBlanc. Here is the rest of the schedule with new programs in upper case and all times in EST.

8-8:30 PM — The Big Bang Theory
8-8:30 PM — KEVIN CAN WAIT (starting in October) 8:30-9 PM — MAN WITH A PLAN (starting in October)
9-9:30 PM — 2 Broke Girls
9:30-10 PM — The Odd Couple
10-11 PM — Scorpion

8-9 PM — NCIS
9-10 PM — BULL
10-11 PM — NCIS: New Orleans

8-9 PM — Survivor
9-10 PM — Criminal Minds
10-11 PM — Code Black

8-11 PM ET/5-8 PM PT — NFL Thursday Night Football (Premieres Sept. 15)
8-8:30 PM — The Big Bang Theory (Starting Oct. 27)
8:30-9 PM — THE GREAT INDOORS (Starting Oct. 27)
9-9:30 PM — Mom (Starting Oct. 27)
9:30-10 PM — Life in Pieces (Starting Oct. 27)
10-11 PM – PURE GENIUS (Starting Oct. 27)

9-10 PM — Hawaii Five-0
10-11 PM – Blue Bloods

8-9 PM — Crimetime Saturday
9-10 PM — Crimetime Saturday
10-11 PM — 48 Hours

7-8 PM — 60 Minutes
8-9 PM — NCIS: Los Angeles
9-10 PM — Madam Secretary
10-11 PM — Elementary

Read the full show descriptions over on Deadline.