Is Justin Bieber Having Growing Pains and Acting Out Because He Doesn’t Have a ‘Proper Home’?

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Despite, or maybe because, of his career successes during his coming-of-age years, Justin Bieber is reportedly struggling without having a “proper home.”

According to a People source, that is. They told the magazine:

People have always known you as a kid, and you want to grow up and do different things and not be seen as a kid. What do you expect from someone who was on top of the world, with no proper home?

He’s an adult – he does what he wants to do.

The Bieber insider suggests that along with his recent worrisome behavior (like his recent ratchet partying in Boston), he’s still experiencing growing pains that occur when maturing from a child to an adult.

The Biebs made headlines a couple weeks ago when he announced he would no longer be taking photos with fans, and earlier this year he cancelled meet-and-greets.

But according to another Bieber source, the singer just “feels beat” from his Purpose tour schedule (which runs through November). As for his rep, they deny a report that his Purpose tour is in jeopardy at all, commenting that Bieber is “totally fine.”

The 22-year-old has certainly been on a whirlwind ever since he was discovered on Youtube, and released his debut album in 2009. Not to mention he has a sometimes difficult relationship with his parents, something he referenced in November to Billboard when he said his relationship with his mom Pattie Mallette is “pretty non-existing.” He’s sort of close with his dad Jeremy Bieber, but said of his parents to GQ back in February, “You don’t need them as much.”