Celebuzz Cocktail Hour: Celebrate World Whiskey Day with These Jack Daniel’s Cocktails

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Jack Daniels
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Get that bar ready for some cocktails.

It is time to get excited whiskey fans!

This Saturday is World Whiskey Day, and it is the perfect time for whiskey aficionados and drinkers alike to raise a glass and toast this classic spirit. Whether enjoyed Don Draper-style neat or on the rocks, or in a modern-day cocktail, Jack Daniel’s craft and luxury marques are the perfect way to celebrate.

In honor of World Whiskey Day, Bay Area mixologist Eric Grenier created The Cooper’s Cocktail, with a classic feel; and The Meltwater Effect, boasting a strong, but sweet flavor profile; both made with easy-to-find ingredients for re-creating at home.


The Cooper’s Cocktail

The Cooper’s Cocktail

2 oz. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select
.5 oz. Cynar
.5 oz. Coffee Liqueur**
Ice: One large cube or ‘on the rocks’
Glassware: Rocks glass or Old Fashioned glass
Tools: Mixing Vessel, Barspoon, Hawthorne Strainer

Directions: Stir all ingredients in mixing vessel (about 20-30 seconds). Strain over ice. No garnish
** For coffee liqueur – St. George NOLA is recommended, however ask retailer for best available coffee liqueur**


The Meltwater Effect

The Meltwater Effect

2 oz. Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack
1 oz. Sorel Liqueur
.75 oz. Amaro Ramazzotti
2 Dashes Orange bitters
Thin Lemon peel
Tools: Mixing Vessel, Barspoon, Hawthorne Strainer
Glassware: Rocks glass or Old Fashioned glass

Directions: Stir first four ingredients in mixing glass filled with ice until properly chilled and diluted, about 20-30 seconds. Strain into glassware and garnish with lemon peel.


Please remember to drink responsibly, and do not drink and drive!