WATCH: Kanye West Delivers Monologue About Life, Leaves Ellen Degeneres Speechless

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Well, okay.

Kanye West stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show, and literally left her speechless when he gave a monologue (rant?) about making the world a better place, making a difference, art and some #truth.

He goes real deep, telling Ellen Degeneres and the audience that he wants to take away bullying through fashion. West also explained how he has synesthesia, in which he can “see sounds, I see them, everything that I sonically make is a painting.”

West also commented on how he hit up Mark Zuckerberg for money on Twitter (rather than Facebook), and admitted to Ellen that he should have put it on Facebook.

I understand Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t use Twitter, even though I have had dinner with him and his wife and told them about how I wanted to help the world, and he said he’d help me, and blah blah blah. That’s how it feels though, it’s like the pursuit of happiness, it’s like you’re trying to sell this bone density machine, you know in that movie…

…I have ideas that can make the human race existence within our 100 years better… period.

“I’m sorry daytime television, I’m sorry for the realness,” he ended.

Watch his whole monologue in the video above.

Below, West talked about his kids with Kim Kardashian, North and baby Saint.