WATCH: Johnny Depp and Ellen DeGeneres Discuss His Teenage Doppelgänger: Justin Bieber 

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Check out his Deppelgänger!

During Johnny Depp’s visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show this week, the beloved actor talked about when he first began playing music, as his band the Hollywood Vampires are hitting the road this summer.

“I started playing at twelve and at thirteen I was playing in bars,” Depp said with playful shrug, hinting that his life of sin started early.

That’s when the host decided to point something out to the 52-year-old actor. She showed Depp a comparison between himself in his teenage years and a young Justin Bieber.

“He just looks like he might be a little cleaner than me…spiritually I mean,” Depp said after a long pause.

“No, he’s not,” DeGeneres replied, which got the Hollywood veteran laughing. “And I love Justin, he’s my friend, but he’s not.”

Pretty damn shady!

Watch the clip above.