Priyanka Chopra Reveals What It Was Like Dealing with Racism After Moving to the U.S.

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The actress has been dealing with discrimination way before she came to Hollywood.

Priyanka Chopra might be one of People’s most beautiful people, but she didn’t always feel that way. In the latest issue of Emmy magazine, the cover star dishes about what it was like dealing with racist mean girls when she moved to Newton, Massachusetts from India to attend high school.

“[I was] head of the class, teacher’s pet, always knew the answers, always in honors classes,” the actress recalled. “I attracted a lot of attention. Nobody looked like me in my school. I was skinny with crazy, frizzy hair. It was like Mean Girls.”

Chopra remembered what it was like dealing with racism from her classmates not long after moving to the U.S. “There was one girl who was just super evil. She kept calling me Brownie, and saying, ‘Go back to your country, you smell like curry’ – and I didn’t, by the way,” Chopra revealed. “She was so mean to me.”

While dealing with that kind of discrimination at such a young age was terrible, Chopra insists she’s never let anyone’s view of her get in the way of achieving success. “Success is not a destination,” she says. “Success is a journey. You have to be consistently successful to be called a success.”