Amber Heard Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Johnny Depp

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Amber Heard is reportedly in court today attempting to get a restraining order against her estranged husband, Johnny Depp, days after filing for divorce.

According to TMZ, the 30-year-old actress “just showed up in court with a bruise on her face claiming Johnny Depp physically assaulted her and is the victim of repeated domestic violence.”

Accompanied by her lawyer Samantha Spector, Heard came with photos showing various bruises, bruises “she claims Depp inflicted various times during their marriage.”

The photo obtained by TMZ shows her with a huge bruise around her eye, which she says Depp inflicted on her on Saturday night by smashing his iPhone on her face. The photo was allegedly taken after she was struck.

According to TMZ, “Heard claims after he allegedly hit her he offered her money to stay quiet, but instead she filed for divorce first thing Monday morning.”

She is asking for a temporary restraining order due to there being immediate threat of harm. TMZ notes that Depp has been out of town since Wednesday promoting his new movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and that Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, appeared in court on his behalf.

The Danish Girl actress filed for divorce three days after Depp’s mom, Betty Sue Palmer, passed away. After meeting on the set of The Rum Diary, they began dating in 2012 and wed in February 2015.

Update — May. 27, 3:11 p.m. ET:

According to TMZ, Heard has been granted a temporary restraining order that requires Depp to stay 100 yards away until a court hearing next month, which will be an easy task given that he will be promoting his movie in Europe. The judge also granted her the right to live in the family home, but rejected other requests including a restraining order for at least one of their dogs because there was “an insufficient showing to protect the pet dog.”

Heard’s request for spousal support, attorney’s fees, and the possession of their Range Rover was also denied.

Update — May. 27, 3:55 p.m. ET:

The LAPD is saying that there was no evidence of any injuries on Heard’s body after fielding her 911 call on Saturday night when Depp allegedly threw a cell phone at her face.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Heard claims that she was verbally and physically abused during the entirety of her relationship due to his drug and alcohol abuse. She says that Depp arrived to her birthday party last month “inebriated and high” and that he thew a magnum-sized bottle of champagne at the wall and a wine glass at her after their guests left. The same night, he allegedly “grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to the floor.” Heard claims that she did not see Depp until the Saturday night in question, and that he was inebriated once again while they were discussing his mother’s passing.

TMZ states:

“She says he ‘suddenly began obsessing’ about something, got mad, grabbed the phone, ‘wound up his arm like a baseball pitcher and threw the cell phone at me striking my cheek and eye.'”