Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Who He Wants to Be When He Grows Up, Discusses Engagement Plans

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The “boy who lived” wants to be a man of great measure.

Daniel Radcliffe is just as brooding as ever in his feature spread in Modern Luxury magazine where he describes filming Now You See Me 2 with one of his biggest idols. The 26-year-old actor portrayed the son of Michael Caine during the action flick’s shoot in Macau, along with the talent of Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, and Jesse Eisenberg.

“Michael Caine had been one of those people that, as somebody who grew up on film sets in England, you hear about a lot. Everyone has worked with him. When I want inspiration, he’s one of those whose IMDB pages I look up,” says Radcliffe. “He’s 83 now. And to watch him on set at 4 o’clock in the morning doing very long speeches outside, and it’s cold, and he’s completely unflappable and having an amazing attitude … To see that up close was really inspirational. That’s what I want to be when I grow up.”

In addition to working on the Now You See Me sequel, Radcliffe is currently living in Bogota, Colombia where he is wrapping up production on Jungle. “It’s a very challenging film in what are some of the more challenging conditions that I’ve ever worked in,” the Harry Potter actor reveals. However, the cast has triumphed against the elements and has done a “phenomenal job.”

“We are in the incredible position of being able to go to work and to do something that we love every day,” says Radcliffe says of his occupation, then reverting to his praise of Caine. “Literally, the only moment I saw [Caine] express even the smallest amount of displeasure was when he got hit on the head by the crane camera.”

Though excellence is his goal, the actor concedes that the “danger” of his profession is seen in his contemporaries who “become reliant on fame as part of their identity.”

“Fame is fleeting,” says Radcliffe.

The former Hogwarts student has his sights on directing and continuing his long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Erin Darke. “There isn’t a moment that I’m stressed out that Erin can’t make me feel more relaxed or calm. There’s not a moment that I’m sad that she can’t make me laugh.”

Is his happiness with Darke strong enough to ring wedding bells?

“No, I have no plans to get married soon,” laughs Radcliffe. “We’re just very, very happy together.”

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