Exclusive: America’s TV Eye Doctor Dr. Brian Talks Overcoming Your Fear of Lasik

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Dr. Brian and NBA star Rudy Gay

What do Dr. Phil, Seal, Lucy Liu, Laura Linney and Tony Curtis all have in common?

They all have had successful Lasik surgery performed by Dr. Brian S. Boxer Wachler M.D. (above right, with Rudy Gay from the Sacramento Kings), one of the top leaders in the field of vision correction.

You can now add my name to that list as well. After wearing glasses for a good 25 years, I had Lasik surgery performed by Dr. Brian. It seriously was the most painless procedure that I have ever had, and Dr. Brian and his staff immediately made me feel comfortable, informed and ready for the journey ahead of me.

The next morning after my surgery, when I woke up, I was able to see the clock on the other side of the room clearly for the first time without my glasses. It has only been four weeks since my surgery, and I’m noticing gradual improvements with my vision as time goes along.

You have probably seen Dr. Brian, America’s TV Eye Doctor, sharing his expertise with many of his appearances on The Doctors, Dr. Phil, CNN, Today and many others.

We chatted with Dr. Brian as to why people are fearful of Lasik, and he also busts some Lasik myths.

Why Lasik is scary / fear of having Lasik surgery?
A lot of people have the fear of losing their vision, risks of dry eye conditions or are just scared of the word “LASIK”. Eye surgery does seem intimidating because our eye is the most important sensory organ, especially without learning the process or knowing any doctors that have many years of experience.

How old do you have to be to have Lasik?
There is no set age; however your vision needs to be stable. Doctors usually won’t perform LASIK on those who are under 18 because their eyes change in adulthood

What is fortified Lasik?
Proprietary LASIK invented by Dr. Brian that allows people to be free of glasses and contacts.
His procedure is combined with Holcomb C3-R, and is used to reshape the cornea and strengthen the cornea; Two procedures into one.

Why people would rather have impaired vision, then wear contacts or glasses?
People would rather have impaired vision then wear contacts or glasses because they do not want to have to struggle with the difficulties and responsibilities that come with contact wearing. It often feels like another added on task to their day that people would rather avoid. Some people also do not take the time to get their eyes checked, so they may not realize their vision is “impaired.”

Which celebrities have had Lasik from Dr.Brian?

  • Dr. Phil, TV HOST
  • Lucy Liu, Actress
  • Michelle Banks, MD eye surgeon
  • Laura Linney, Actress
  • Kristi Funk, MD breast surgeon
  • Seal, Singer
  • Stu Lantz, TV Announcer LA Lakers
  • Meg Tilly, Actress
  • Alex Mckechnie, Assistant Coach Toronto Raptors
  • Tony Curtis, Actor
  • Mimi Rogers, actress
  • Bijan, Designer
  • Bob Toledo, Former UCLA head football coach
  • Dr. Richard Neop
  • Nick Kroll, comedian
  • Rudy Gay, Sacramento Kings
  • Michael Baumgartner Washington State Senator

How Lasik has changed celebrity lives?
LASIK has allowed celebrities to wake up worry free about their vision. They are able to see the crowd from the stage when performing. Enjoy outside sports like tennis, dry eye relief, read a clock.

Dr. Brian performs surgery

Of Dr. Brian and the experience, Seal said, “Phenomenal improvement in my sight. No more contact lenses!” Dr. Phil shared, “Dr. Brian was excellent, and so was the comfort and recovery of my Lasik procedure with him!”

Like most people, actress Lucy Liu was scared of what was ahead of her. “I was terrified! But Dr. Brian and his incredible staff made everything so easy super-patient, wonderful bedside manner, answered all questions!”

Laura Linney praises Dr. Brian and the procedure. “I could not have had a better experience. Dr. Brian and his staff put you instantly at ease, and you feel that you could not be in better hands. Truly remarkable!”

Who is a Lasik candidate?
There is no set age; however your vision needs to be stable. Doctors usually won’t perform LASIK on those who are under 18 because their eyes change in adulthood

For more on Lasik surgery and other procedures, make sure to check out Dr. Brian’s website, Boxer Wachler Vision Institute.