Company Sues Rihanna, Jay Z Over Cancelled Concert, Roc Nation Calls Fraud

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Roc Nation has reason to believe that the prosecution was scammed.

Chris Ubosi, a Nigerian promoter, and his company Megalectrics are suing Rihanna, Jay Z, and Roc Nation over a concert in 2013 that never took place.

According to TMZ, the “Work” singer canceled a concert in 2013 after she received a significant amount of her compensation. Ubosi alleges that he struck a deal with two people who claimed to represent Rihanna and her label, Roc Nation. The contract between the parties stated that the singer would receive $425,000 for a 65-minute show and of that sum, the promoter paid $160K in three installments.

Her “camp” asked to postpone the show soon after, to which Ubosi consented so long as Rihanna posted the new date on her social media accounts. According to Megalectric’s lawsuit, this never happened, and now he is demanding his money back.

A representative from Roc Nation issued a statement to TMZ in response.

“Rihanna, Roc Nation nor anyone associated personally or professionally with either party was in contact with this person. Unfortunately, this person was scammed. Rihanna nor Roc Nation collected any money for this event.”

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